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How to convert AutoCAD 2017 dwg to open in AutoCAD 2010?


I need to save a 2017 CAD to a 2010. When I save as or export I get an incompatibility error and practically saves a new file in 2017 format. I tried saving as DXF and the to 2010 but I lose the layout. Is there anyway around this?


Newer file formats cannot be opened in older versions of AutoCAD. There are couple of methods you can try out to preserve the layout.

1) Save the file to a previous format within the “Save Drawing As” dialog box.

2) If the current AutoCAD product is not available,  use DWG TrueView (free Autodesk file viewing software) to convert the file using the DWG Convert feature. You can download DWG TrueView from here.


Hope it helps.

Hi Kiran and thanks for your help but as I mensioned in the question I’ve already used both methids and niether method works. Is there any other way or is 2017 just eternaly incompatible with older versions?

I can’t think of any other method. I guess the version differences is too big in your case due to which the legacy content mismatch may arise due to use of new commands in making the DWG. DWG TrueView works in most cases, but even with that when you convert DWG files to a previous version, current release information is stripped from objects, leading to layout issues. Optionally, you can try to use AnyDwg converter. It is a paid utility, but check out the free trial version if it helps you. I never tried that utility, so really don’t know much about it. . If trial doesn’t work, I would not buy that software.

I’ll try that one. Thanks Kiren. I hope it works otherwise I’m left without options. 🙁

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